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Years in the Hairdressing Industry: Over Twenty Five Years

What is your favorite thing about the Hairdressing Industry?
Inspiring up and coming hairdressers

What is one of your Hairdressing best moments?
Having the opportunity to be a hairdresser internationally and working with some of the world’s most amazing people.

Before becoming a Tutor, what we you doing?
I was a Hairdresser/Manager at a large Salon in Auckland.

Who are your Hairdressing Inspirations?
I’m inspired by an amazing person named Damon Kidd, an amazing colourist and a person who loves to teach and pass on their in-depth knowledge.

If you could give one piece of advice for Hair over the Autumn Months, what would this be?
Repair the damage caused by sun, sea, and pool parties. Beautiful hair is healthy hair and to achieve that wow look, book in for a spa treatment and achieve that beauty goal.

What do you love most about training up and coming Stylists?
I love seeing that ah ha moment. That moment where a student has been striving to perfect their skill and when it happens  it’s an amazing and wonderful thing.

When I am not in the Academy – You will find me …
At the beach with my family walking my puppies or renovating my house. My love for hairdressing is strong but my family is everything to me.

My favorite Restaurant is?
Indigo Indian Restaurant, Hastings St, Napier. The best Indian that I have ever had.

What advice can you give to someone who is looking at studying the Level 3 Salon Support and/or Level 4 Emerging Stylist Qualifications?
Do it. Live for the now. Only you can make you be great. It is all about how much effort you put in. The greater the effort, the greater the outcome.

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