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Years in the Hairdressing Industry: Eight Years

What is your favourite thing about the Hairdressing Industry?
The fact that it is changing every day. One continues to learn no matter how long you have been in the Hairdressing Industry and to see the impact of how a great hairstyle can change how a person feels about themselves.

What is one of your Hairdressing best moments?
I was part of a leading industry celebrity salon in South Africa. I worked with high end clients who image and style is judged on a daily basis. Being part of Cape Towns Fashion week and last but certainly not least, the day I graduated as a Qualified Hairstylist.

Before becoming a Tutor, what were you doing?
I was working full time as a Hairstylist at various different industry leading salons.

Who are your Hairdressing Inspirations?
Vidal Sassoon, Sam Villa and Guy Tang.

If you could give one piece of advice for Hair over the Autumn Months what would this be?
Cold autumn weather causes a number of problems, including fly away hair, styling problems and dull looking hair. The reason your hair is dry in the cold season is because of low moisture contents of outside air and heated inside air.

The first thing you need to do is get a trim in order to get rid of all the brittle and split ends caused by summer rays. This will make your hair look healthy. Also, remember that cold season means that your hair needs more moisture, which means using a moisturizing shampoo, essential oil masks and conditioners.

What do you love most about training up and coming Hairstylists?
I love to see how Students achieve their goals to become the Hairstylists that they set out to be. I also love helping them to exceed their expectations.

When I am not at the Academy – You will find me …..
At the beach, travelling as much as I can. I love the outdoors and staying fit and there is nothing like a good old South African Braai.

My favorite restaurant is?
I am still working my way through Auckland’s restaurants, watch this space, I know that New Zealand has a lot to offer in the way of cuisine.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking at studying the Level 3 Salon Support and/or Level 4 Emerging Stylist Qualifications?
This is the final steps to becoming a Superstar Hairstylist. These Qualifications will help you to bring out your personal creativity from within. Knowing the fundamentals of Level 3 Salon Support and Level 4 Emerging Stylist means you have the knowledge to create your own styles and to take your Hairdressing to the next level in a Salon!

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