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Years in the Hairdressing Industry: Nine Years

What is your favorite thing about the Hairdressing Industry?
We are in an amazing profession where we work one on one with another individual with the best intentions and expertise to make them look and feel their absolute best!

What is one of your Hairdressing best moments?
Being one of seven Stylists to be selected for the Artistic team to work alongside Richard Kavanagh – which was amongst thousands of stylists!

Before becoming a Tutor, what we you doing?
I was working for one of New Zealand’s leading Hairdressing Companies. I was part of this companies Artistic Team for many years. I love the creativity of being part of an Artistic Team. It was great personal development as well as for my Hairdressing skills, you never stop learning! I have also done Make Up as well.

Who are your Hairdressing Inspirations?
Vidal Sassoon, Sharon Blain, Sam Villa and Richard Kavanagh.

If you could five one piece of advice for Hair over the Autumn Months, what would this be?
Frizzy hair is the most dreaded hair blunder when it comes to shifting from Summer to Autumn. Get your hair to behave by investing in rich conditioning treatments with oil extracts to prevent damage – this will also help to smooth down the cuticle. This will help to keep your hair looking soft and supple!

What do you love most about training up and coming Stylists?
What I love most about training up and coming stylists is taking them on a journey, where they develop their skills and knowledge to express their own unique individuality.

When I am not in the Academy – You will find me …
Hanging out with my friends and family.

My favorite Restaurant is?
Thai Flame! I love Thai food!

What advice can you give to someone who is looking at studying the Level 3 Salon Support and/or Level 4 Emerging Stylist Qualifications?
To always set yourself ongoing goals in order for your own future growth.

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