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English Language Level 3 NZCEL

What you’ll take out

Do you want to gain the English language skills to work or study in New Zealand? Do you want nationally recognised English qualification? Look no further! No matter what your current English proficiency level, we have a programme for you to improve your English language skills and take your career forward.

Outcome: NZCEL English Language Level 3


Premier Institute of Education offers the New Zealand Certificates in English Language (Level 1 to Level 5).  The New Zealand Certificates in English Language (NZCEL) qualifications are nationally recognised qualifications intended for learners of English as an additional language, who have successfully completed NZQA approved programmes delivered in New Zealand or offshore.

This programme is intended for learners of English as an additional language who wish to attain the language skills required to communicate in most situations with some independence and fluency in order to participate in academic English language contexts.  This qualification is at a level comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) B1.

This qualification allows Aotearoa New Zealand educational institutions to recognise the level at which the graduate can use English academic purposes.

Course Location


Auckland City

Course Dates


Course Hours

20 Weeks
Monday – Friday
9AM – 1:30 PM

Fee Protection

Student fees will be held in trust in compliance with section 236A of the Education Act 1989 as amended by the Education Act (No4) 199.


To be eligible for our Level 3 English Course, you must:

  • hold New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence status;
  • or hold a Certificate of Refugee Status and provide evidence of eligibility to study for the duration of enrolment;
  • or have a valid student visa for the duration of enrolment.
  • have English as an additional language; and
  • IELTS Level 4.0-4.5 or equivalent.

Enrolment Process

  1. You will need to  approach the institute or one of our registered agents and will be given detailed information about the programme, entry criteria, subject options, facilities, the Code of Practice (international students), and fees.
  2. You must read the conditions of acceptance then fill out and sign the enrolment form.
  3. You will be sent a conditional letter of offer of place. On this offer it is clearly stated what documents (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL Certificate, Academic Record) need to be supplied in order for the final unconditional letter of offer to be issued.
  1. You will forward the required documents to Premier Institute of Education. Only originals or certified copies will be accepted. Once the documents have been sighted and verified by the International Management Team, the letter of offer is issued.  If you need to apply for a visa for New Zealand, the letter of offer is presented to the nearest New Zealand Immigration Office by you or your agent.
  2. You will then be able to gain appropriate immigration documentation in your country of origin.
  3. You pay the fees in full.

What level of English will I have when I complete

Graduates of this programme will have, in a supportive environment, the English language skills to:

  • understand the main points and key supporting detail in extended oral interaction and factual information in familiar contexts
  • speak with some coherence, fluency and spontaneity to express personal ideas and sustain interaction in familiar contexts
  • read and understand a range of texts on familiar topics; scan, locate and gather information to fulfil a specific task
  • write comprehensible, connected texts on familiar topics with reasonable linguistic accuracy, using a range of text types.

Academic qualifier

To achieve the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 3), graduates must be able to use English relevant to an academic context to meet the outcomes.

Employment Pathway

Graduates from this programme will be able to work in positions that require (a) face-to-face interpersonal communication, (b) understanding of basic, context-specific texts, (c) simple, context-specific record-keeping, and (d) interaction in a supervised team.

Educational Pathway

This certificate builds on the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 2) and can lead to New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 4) and facilitates meeting the language requirements for other study or training programmes/courses at NZQF level 4 or below.

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